Selected Desi poems of Stephen Gill performed by singers (All songs open well in GROOVE MUSIC):

Tappey (maia)


†††† This part starts with Tappey. In a way, Tappey (Maia) are presented here in three parts. It opens with introduction by Stephen Gill. Soon after this introduction, Mr. Nazir Shadfrom Pakistan starts Tappeys in his unique way. This parts ends with a short Stephen Gillís poem, titled Rehnuma Sitara.

†††† Soon after the poem, Mr. Khalid Salim, a Pak/Canadian singer from Toronto area, starts with additional Tappeys in the usual traditional way.

††† These Tappeys, written by Stephen Gill, are about peace. . Singers build an atmosphere that is deeply soothing, combining Eastern and Western music, resulting in the birth of a child of fascination.

†††† Stephen Gill writes these tappays to experiment with the Japanese form of poetry called haiku. Stephen Gill has written several haiku in English. He experiments with tappays which are composed on the rhythm of Panjabi romance to describe the beauty of the beloved in an exaggerated formand the hazards he is wliing to face. It is written usually in a light mood. Moreover, the first line does not contribute to the main message. This line is to rhyme with the third line. But Gillís presentations in haiku-spirit is on a serious subject. Every line is an integral part of the whole. Moreover these presentations are in Urdu/Hindi, not in Panjabi language.

†††† At this time when the clouds of war and the vultures of terror hover above the flowers, Stephen Gillís tappays, called also maia, are serious contributions to the hope for peace.



--Khalid Salim also sings:

*Dehshet ki giddon seyÖ


--Nazir Shad also sings:

*Zanzeeron se azadÖ


--James Masih sings:

*Kholo Kholo

*Masih tum mere geet

*Guzarati yu zindgi