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Self-exiled Stephen Gill is a multiple award winning Indo/Canadian poet, fiction-writer, literary critic and essayist. He has authored more than thirty books, including novels, literary criticism, and collections of poems. In addition to these books, he has written and published book reviews and research papers on writers and peace. His writings have appeared in around 700 print media. Some of his Urdu/Hindi poems have been performed by prominent singers of India and Pakistan in three volumes. He is the subject of doctoral dissertations, and research papers. He has spoken as keynote or a special guest of honor at international literary conferences of universities. Some of these talks are available on YouTube.Thirteen books of critical studies have been released by book publishers on his works and more are on the way.The focus of his writing is love and peace, based on his ideology of live and let live.


--Flame, the: modern epic about terrorism

--Shrine (poems about peace & social concerns)

--Songs Before Shrine (poems related to peace)

--Flashes:Introduction to my trilliums in haiku spirit

--Amputee (epical poem about an abused child to illustrate the culture of peace)

--My Sufi Sonnets (introduction): The Singer of Life

*Aman Di Kugghi (dove of peace) Panjabi language (Gurmukhi)

=Jazira (island in Urdu & Hindi)

* Poets of the Capital (Ottawa poets, co-edited anthology)

* Seaway Valley Poets (co.ed. anthology)

* Green Snow: Anthology of Canadian Poets of Asian Origin, ed.)

* Anti-War Poems: Vol. 1 (ed. Anthology)

* Anti-War Poems: Vol. 2nd(ed. Anthology)


-Zakhmi Perchawen (poems in Panjabi). Translator: Dr. Mohinder Kaur Gill. Hc., Suchinton Prakashan, New Delhi, India, 1980

-Awasi (Panjabi translation of his novel Immigrant). Translator: Balbir Momi. Pb., Pal Pocket Books, Amritsar, India, 1986.

-Reflexions Et Blessures (poems in French). Translator:†† Fr. Roland Hamel, Vesta, 1979.

- Altarul. (Shrine) Romanian language. Trasnlator: Professor Dr. Olimpia Iacob

-Flacara(The Flame) Romanian language . Trasnlator: Professor Dr. Olimpia Iacob

--Several poems have been translated into German, Spanish,Italian, and other languages.


--Books on the books by Stephen Gill

--Poems about Stephen Gill

--Literary engagements in and around Cornwall

--Notable opinions of professors & media: (a selection)



--My Conversations (Stephen Gillís regular feature on writing)

--What it means to be self-exiled Indo/Canadian poet

--Some forthcoming poetry books

--Selected Desi poems of Stephen Gill performed by singers

--What Stephen Gill says about love (quotes from his writings)

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